Winston Lutz

Is it possible to make changes to the plot after GBP combo images are generated? I would prefer:

-EPID images are interpolated/smoothed
-My filenames could be abbreviated or removed as they overlap with G= B= P= values
-Remove the EPID center display (represented by a green square)

I’m using version 3.4.


Also, is there an updated/easier way to switch to IEC 601 coordinates?

Could anyone else test this out and see if this works for IEC 601? Unless I am misinterpreting the scales, but it seems to be working on my linac images with IEC 601:

At line 999:
def couch_angle_varian_scale(self) → float:
“”“The couch angle converted from IEC 61217 scale to “Varian” scale. Note that any new Varian machine uses 61217.”“”
if super().couch_angle == 0:
return super().couch_angle
return 360 - super().couch_angle

I’m then supposed to replace each couch_angle with couch_angle_varian_scale (to correct the plots and bb_shift vectors)?

Hi Landon,

-For EPID images you’d need to iterate and smooth them manually like so: Smooth WL images before plotting (
-Filenames is the same trick. See same gist. Textwrap would normally be the best option but file paths may be one long word and won’t shorten that way.

-For WL scale: There is a scale converter I wrote but have not hooked up to the WL analysis yet. pylinac/ at master · jrkerns/pylinac · GitHub
Adding the convert call from Varian scale to the desired scale near here should do the trick pylinac/ at master · jrkerns/pylinac · GitHub
IIRC I had to change to the varian scale couch value because the original Low paper implicitly used Varian coordinates and I wanted IEC 61217. Let me see about hooking this up.

I was able to test out the scale conversion and it works. Inputing the machine scale as an analyze parameter will be in the next release.

Thanks James!