Winston Lutz module Error

Hi all

We are currently analyzing Winston Lutz.
However, I get the following error:

’’’Unable to locate the BB. Make sure the field edges do not obscure the BB and that there is no artifacts in the images.’’’

But in Python, BB is not displayed, but in ImageJ, BB is displayed.
Can anyone please tell me the solution?



I think your bb is too small. I haven’t had luck with the Varian one that’s ~2 mm

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for the reply.

It was a simple reason.
Let’s analyze with a slightly larger BB.

Thank you

2021年4月4日日曜日 23:26:15 UTC+9

Looks like the window and level is different in the two images. There also appears so be vertical and horizontal etchings that may be confusing the algorithm. I know I’ve tried using the SI Mimi phantom and it doesn’t work because of the other structures in the field

I didn’t see it here, but I ran into issues with the internal lattice structure of 3d prints. I haven’t come back to 100% in fill yet.

Thank you everyone for your reply.

I plan to buy a 5mm tungsten sphere and analyze Winston Lutz.
We will also inform you of the results.

2021年4月5日月曜日 1:35:42 UTC+9

You can change the expected size of the BB by changing this line: In the upcoming version you can do that a hair more easily: