W/L Algorithm

Hi, may I ask you a question?
How is the resolution of the Dicom image enhanced?
The EPID of the erector is 0.253 mm/pixel, but what is the pixel being analyzed?

I am weak in the program and need help.

Best regards.

The resolution isn’t enhanced. I’m not sure what you’re asking.

We use the weighted centroid of the pixels that make up the BB ( pylinac/winston_lutz.py at master · jrkerns/pylinac (github.com)). The BB is detected by using a low- and high-pass filter until a circular ROI is found that is approximately the size of the BB. The weighted centroid of the circular ROI takes into account the intensity of the pixels so that central (higher intensity) pixels get more weight. The weighted centroid does not round and will give a float return value of x and y such as 245.6, 233.9. This is the value used for the BB.