VMAT files Halcyon

Hello everybody

I would like to upload some VMAT dicom files for Halcyon. A french software company has developped / modified the Varian Rapidarc files and has adapted them for Halcyon. How can I upload the dicom files ?
The files are a little bit different that the clinac and truebeam version. We find back the 4 static picket fence, the PF Rapidarc with and without errors, but the difference is there are 3 combinations with open fields : Dose Rate, Gantry Speed et Leaf Speed.



Hi Lionel,
You can upload files here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/YKRu4AmuPsXu55uQq761


ok. thanks a lot. I will do that tomorrow. I will let you on the folder the results in pdf files. I will cannot provide the RTplans. sorry.


I would like to use these DICOM files if it would be possible. I couldn’t find these DICOM file anywhere,