Version 0.7

Hey all,
version 0.7 is out, which had the focus of truly automating the CBCT module. Here are the changes.

-The scipy dependency has been bumped to v0.15 to accommodate the new differential evolution function using in the Starshot module.

-Whereas v0.6 attempted to fix an issue where if the phantom was not centered in the scan it would error out by adding
 a z-offset, v0.7 is a move away from this idea. If the offset given was not correct then analysis would error disgracefully.
 It is the point of automation to automatically detect things like where the phantom is in the dataset. Thus, v0.7 is a move
 towards this goal. Briefly, upon loading all the images are scanned and the HU linearity slice is searched for. Of the detected
 slices, the median value is taken. Other slices are known relative to this position.
-As per above, the z-offset idea is no longer used or allowed.
-Plots are now all shown in grayscale.
-If the phantom was not completely scanned (at least the 4 modules of analysis) analysis will now error out more gracefully.

The [web app]( has been updated to reflect these changes as well. Additionally, a file uploader for CBCT and trajectory logs has been added that is asynchronous (this means file uploading is prettier and less likely to time out).