Version 0.6.0 is out

Hello all,
Pylinac version 0.6.0 is out now and includes several changes. These can be read here, but I’ll also list it here as well. Let me know if you run into trouble or have a feature request. Enjoy!


Hi James,

Thanks for a great full-featured release!

We are considering using our Catphan on our regular CT scanner. I was tweaking the CBCT analysis module to support those images as the slice positions and image scaling is slightly different.

Is this something you may consider to support? If needed I can provide a copy of the images from our scanner.

Great work on this project!


Thank you for the kind words. Using the cbct module for a regular CT scanner seems like an easy extension. I haven’t actually tried it so I’m just guessing here. A few things to note (for better or worse) and some suggestions:

-All the images are resized to 512x512 when loaded.
-Scaling of the ROIs and distances to ROIs is scaled. Between these two things, it shouldn’t (cross your fingers) matter the field of view or image size.
-Now that the slice thickness is accounted for and the CTP modules obviously have a known physical distance between them, the only slice that matters is the location of the HU linearity module (CTP404).
-Currently, the assumed configuration is that the catphan is centered on the CTP404 module, and if it’s not, v0.6 now allows one to set the z-offset of the phantom in number of slices.

So, to make this work with as little pain as possible, you should only have to scan the catphan such that it was centered along the scan extent. I would hope this would be as simple as (again) setting up the CTP404 module to the (CT) lasers and scanning, assuming it is the center of the scan extent, but it might depend on the scanner. However, if it’s not centered, using the phantom z-offset can help fix that, assuming you know the number of slices (and direction) between the center of the scan and the center of the catphan.

I’m also open to suggestions of a better implementation than I currently have.

You are also more than welcome to send me the images (dropbox or drive) and I’ll make sure it works. This should be a feasible extension of the cbct module. Best of luck,