V2.4 release

Hi all,
v2.4 is finally here. As with any release, the TODO list is longer than the DONE list, but a new version was kinda overdue =). As always you can read about the changes in the changelog: Changelog — pylinac 2.4.0 documentation

Highlights are a new CBCT modular structure for easy creation of new catphan types and an image generator module.


Hi James,

Thanks for your hard work.

I am trying the TRS398 calibration module.

Is there a way to set the reference temperature and reference pressure as input values instead of default? Some of the chambers were calibrated at different temperature e.g. 20 degC , 22 degC.

Thank you.


Hi LipTeck,
Currently, those values are hardcoded, so you’d have to calculate Ptp yourself currently. But I will open a ticket to have them be overridable module constants in the future.

If you’re using the class based calibration calculations which in turn use the p_tp function, then you should be able to monkeypatch pylinac like this:

import pylinac.calibration

def my_ptp(temp, press):
return ((273.2 + t)/295.2)*(101.33/press) # modify as required!

pylinac.calibration.p_tp = my_ptp

Generally this kind of thing is discouraged, because if you’re including it in a larger program the order of imports can affect which function gets used where in your codebase. Pretty safe in a short script though.


Thanks for your input Randle.

I wonder the GUI could take in a list of gantry, collimator and couch angle for Winston Lutz Test? It seems only possible outside of GUI for the moment.