It’s been a long time coming, but here’s a bug fix. There are several bugs fixed and can be viewed at the changelog. There are still plenty of open bugs to fix, these were just the easy ones and I wanted to get something out.

Hi james
I ve read on the news log that the flatness module has been rewritten. What exactly is new ?? Your results are more stable that the previous versions ?
The flatness and symmetry are calculated like into MPC , can you tell me more about this please ??

If you mean the rewrite from v2.2.0, this is referring mostly to an internal refactoring, but some of the method names changed. It also allowed users to create their own custom flatness or symmetry equation logic. Results should be no different than before.

Flatness & symmetry are not taken in MPC. MPC looks at beam uniformity, which uses a different algorithm than the typical profile-based approach traditionally used. Results from MPC and a profile-based approach like pylinac, Doselab, IC profiler, etc are not apples to apples. You can read more about it in the MPC reference guide on myvarian.