Hello all, version 2.0 is here! You can upgrade from pypi via pip or through conda. You can find the release notes here. Highlights include a simple GUI and addition of the Las Vegas phantom analysis. Enjoy!


It is loading for me from within an ipython notebook, however it doesn’t seem to want to launch from the command line? Thanks,


That’s weird; never seen that one before. I don’t have any issues on 64bit windows. did you install via conda or pip?

It launches ok on my 64bit laptop, but its my work one which is 32bit which is throwing up the error. Installed via conda on both I think.

Hi,Great job!But when i install the pylinac through the conda, the problem is:

so I need your help to deal with this problem, Thank you.

Hi Yuan,
I would try making a new environment from scratch like so:

conda create --name pylinactest pylinac

This will install everything needed including python 3.5. Let me know if you have more issues!

Hi, James
Thank you and when I execute “conda install -n py35 pylinac”, it works. I hope this is a good start, thank you.

Hello all,
I’ve got the same issue running on 32 bit, like Matt, I installed pylinac via conda