Unable to install pylinac

When attempting to install pylinac I get the following error.

note: This error originates from a subprocess, and is likely not a problem with pip.
ERROR: Failed building wheel for scikit-image
Building wheel for future (setup.py) … done
Created wheel for future: filename=future-0.18.2-py3-none-any.whl size=491086 sha256=0f7ccd98a2485a9f7e8873b21543ddb7f16a63ca022a6c20cc29bbdebc59b157 Stored in directory: c:\users\jcpic\appdata\local\pip\cache\wheels\b8\f1\45\0dd6ebeb516ba9f3ca654102bd50bf5eb4e755ba95852d6222
Successfully built future
Failed to build scikit-image
ERROR: Could not build wheels for scikit-image, which is required to install pyproject.toml-based projects

Will someone please help me with this? I have just installed the latest version of Microsoft Visual Code.

Thank you,

Is anyone else having a problem installing pylinac? The installation fails when attempting to create a wheel for scikit-image (whatever that means). I have python version 3.11 and I am using Visual Studio version 1.7.4.

Python 3.11 is quite new, so there are still packages that are releasing packages that are compatible with it. It appears that is the case for scikit-image: https://github.com/scikit-image/scikit-image/issues/6517.

You should be able to use python 3.9 or 3.10 without a problem.


Thank you for your reply.

I have the same issue with Python 3.10 and 3.09. I am trying to install Python 3.5 but there is no installer and I cannot make it work from the tgz file. Any suggestions?

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Python 3.5 is deprecated and also isn’t supported by pylinac. Modern pylinac versions support only python versions that are still supported (3.7 currently).

Are you sure you’re using the right python version? You can run python --version to check. I just installed pylinac from pypi for both 3.9 and 3.10 on windows 11 successfully. pip install pylinac