Trouble with Picket Fence

Hello together,
I have some trouble with the picket fence test. I am using James Image ‘erroneous_leaves.dcm’ from github to test everything.

My problem:
I read the image as pf, i call pf.analyze(tolerance=0.5, action_tolerance=0.1) and everything seems to be fine - I just don’t understand the output.

It says, that the maximum error is on picket 4, leaf 14.

But if I eyeball it, the maximum error seems to be located at picket 1, picket 4 is just fine…

Why is that?

Thanks a lot!

Hey, Sorry for the late response. I’ve taken a look and it appears in v2.5+ the max error picket and leaf are indeed incorrect. They’re reporting the minimum error position due to looking at the wrong end of a sorted list. Thanks for reporting. Bugfix releases should be out soon.