Trajectory Log File Passing Rates?


I was wondering about using Pylinac to analyze some log files, but I’m a bit surprised to see that our passing rates are as phenomenal as they are. I’ve only tried a few files so far (all VMAT) but average gamma is on the order of 0.0005. Am I using a criteria that’s way too loose, or do I have some other problem?

The code I’m using:

log = load_log(BIN_FILE.path)
actual_fluence = log.fluence.actual.calc_map()
expected_fluence = log.fluence.expected.calc_map(resolution=1)
log.fluence.gamma.calc_map(distTA=0.5, doseTA=1, resolution=0.1)
pass_percent = str(log.fluence.gamma.pass_prcnt)
ave_gamma = str(log.fluence.gamma.avg_gamma)

Thanks in advance

I am also facing similar problem. If you have any solution, please let me know also