Starshot module, image aquisition

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i want to test pylinac and strarted with the starshotmodule. But with our Starshots i doesn’t work. (raise RuntimeError("The algorithm was unable to determine a reasonable wobble. Try setting ")

So my question is, what are the requirements for the starshot image. Number of Gantryangles? Width of the lines? Scan dpi?

Can some someone send me a sample?

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It also happens to me when the rotation center is not in the center of the image or the darkened areas do not reach the borders of the scanned imaged.
Try cropping the image and specifying the approximate rotation center (i.e the starting point from which the algorithm starts looking for patterns)

PS:I'm currently out of the office, in one week I can check for the code :wink:

See the starshot algorithm section for restrictions and assumptions about starshot analysis:

Ok thank you, i fixed it with cropping the image.