Starshot Demo (Pylinac 3.0)

Hi All,

Wondering if someone else has had problems.
I seem to be having trouble running the demo of starshot.
It would be my first time running this module. Other modules seem to be working (Picket Fence, Field Analysis).

from pylinac import Starshot

I’m running Python 3.9.7, Windows 10, Anaconda (Anaconda3-2021.11-Windows-x86_64).

It seems to just crash my python - I get a crashed message “Python has stopped working” from windows but no other info.




I am using Pylinac 3.1 with Python 3.8.7 on a Win 10 machine and the demo runs fine.

with kind regards

Interesting! Thanks.
I created a virtual environment and installed python 3.8.12 and pylinac 3.1.0a2 and the demo works.