RMS max lower than 95th percentile error??

Hi all:

I am trying to compare the RMS max. values provided by pylinac with the RMS max values given by the commercial software Doselab. My intention is validate the RMS calculation of pylinac, as I am using logs from a Halcyon machine. Up to now, I found big differences between the maximum RMS values from Doselab and pylinac. Trying to find a reason for the differences, I found that sometimes, the maximum RMS value reported by pylinac is smaller than the 95th percentile error. If I understand correctly what pylinac is doing, that should not be the case. I enclose an example of an anonymized log with the corresponding pdf report from pylinac.
I would be grateful if someone can tell me what I am missing.

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Anonymous_1.0_20190314120345.pdf (396 KB)

Anonymous_1.0_20190314120345.bin (5.1 MB)