I am using pylinac within QATrack+ and having an error message when uploading and trying to analyse catphan 503. I have tried the same code within IDLE and have no issues.

I am attempting to use cbct.results_data() - the error that comes with the upload is "catphan 503 object has no attribute “results_data()” , I can use “results()” and this works fine within QAtrack+. - confused at what is going wrong. Any advice would be great.

Versions are: QATrack v3.1.0, Pylinac v3.9 and Python 3.9.1

Thanks, Becky

Hi Becky,

If you haven’t updated Pylinac in your QATrack+ environment, it’s still using Pylinac ~2.5 and the results_data wasn’t introduced until 3.0