QATrack+ integration

Hi James,

I was wondering if it’s possible to run some of the pylinac tests from within QATrack+ test and save the results there?

Do you know if anyone is doing this?


Hi Phil,

This is possible in the next version of QATrack+ (i.e. you can upload a DICOM file, do a picket fence analysis using pylinac and display the results in QATrack+). It’s not possible in the current production version of QATrack+, mainly because it uses Python 2.7 and Pylinac is Python 3 only. The next version of QATrack+ is moving to Python 3 as well.


That’s really good news! Do you have a time frame for the release of v0.3.0?

thanks again,

Hi Philip,

No solid time frame at this point (I would like to say by end of summer, but anytime I make a prediction like that, life gets in the way!)