Pylinac web interface

Hi to all!

If anyone is interested, I uploaded a pet project of mine to github. I call it “QAserver”. It’s a web interface that connects Pylinac and Orthanc dicom server for fast analysis of dicom images within your hospital network. I started it four years ago when I was struggling to do the Winston-Lutz test on an Elekta linac, but now I am using more or less all Pylinac’s modules.

I figured I should share it because maybe someone will find it useful. I haven’t written a line of code before this, that’s way the coding is so bad. But it works. I hope.


This is great! Congratulations on making an end-to-end tool like this. Plugging everything together into one package to work fluidly can really be frustrating, so good work getting that done.

When I started pylinac I only had the idea and some poor programming skills carried over from Matlab (ugh, what a terrible language). The best projects are those that arise from a direct problem and then you use the tools you have to create a solution, rather than simply making a library without a specific solution in mind.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing. I’ll try to have a go at this over Christmas break.