Pylinac multiple load DICOM from different studies

I’m working on image analysis from DICOM files using Pylinac. I have an issue; I want to analyze DICOM files from multiple studies stored in the same folder. However, for opening these files, I’m using TomoCheese(path), which provides me with valuable information. The problem is that it automatically detects that these files come from multiple acquisitions and prevents me from processing them all as a single group. I’ve searched through the source code, but I can’t find the variable responsible for sorting the DICOM files. If anyone has information on this, I’d appreciate it.

I tried to change the names of files that had a small marker at the end of the name, but it didn’t work.

Thks !


your problem somewhat reminded me of the following discussion:

I haven’t tried it but you should be able to create temporary directories with the python tempfile module (a.e. parse the dicom files, extract the PatId, create tempfolder with ID as name, copy file to temp folder etc. ). It should be possible to use the temporary directory with the TomoCheese Module.

Another option would be to zip the corresponding files on disk an use the TomoCheese.from_zip() method.

Hope that helps.


Did you try passing check_uid=False?

I tried using .zip, but it doesn’t affect the problem.

As for check_uid = False, it works.

Thank you!