pylinac 0.5.0 release

Hello All,
The next version of pylinac is here. There are two major changes:

  • The addition of flatness & symmetry module for analyzing film or EPID images to measure flatness and/or symmetry.
  • The ability to write Trajectory logs to CSV files. You can then open these up in Excel or any other spreadsheet program and do analysis yourself–the conversion is done automatically for you!

Happy coding,


Version 0.5.1 is out.

Changes include:

Log Analyzer

  • Axis limits are now tightened to the data when plotting Axis data.

  • Gamma map plot luminescence is now normalized to 1 and a colorbar was added.

  • Bug fixed where Tlogs v3.0 were not loading couch information properly.

  • Trajectory log .txt files now also load along with the .bin file if one is around.


  • Multiple images can now be superimposed to form one image for analysis.


  • load_demo_image() parameter changed from ‘test_type’ to ‘type’