Plots of winston lutz analyses

Dear users:
I am using the Winston Lutz app of Pylinac GUI 2.2.6, but the plots generared by this app are not well shown, as you can see on the PDF report I enclose in this email. Also, I provide the dicom images used for this example.
Please, does anyone experienced this bad plots as well?. Please, is there some fix?
Thanks so much

W-L Analysis.pdf (144 KB) (1.35 MB)

Hi Juan,
There is currently no fix but I will add it to the backlog. Thanks for reporting.

Hi James:

Until the problem is fixed, a useful workaround would be to show a simple table with the data of each image and the corresponding CAX to BB distance. It is difficult to read these results from the current report.

Kind regards,
Marcelino Hermida

That’s a good idea, I’ll look into it.

Dear Juan, Dear James

I need your feedback please.

I run WL test with BB voluntarily shifted from the iso-center

results for the collimator and gantry are independent of the BB position, but it’s seems not the case for the couch.

I need to re-run pylinac with BB perfectly positioned (easy with BB vector x, y, z gives by pylinac) to evaluate the couch rotation, please see attached images.
Are you agree with this ?

The zero (origin) position for the calculation of Couch 2D isocenter diameter seems incorrect.
The BB center position seem be used instead of the average isocenter position defined during gantry test ? Right ?

@James do you have an idea ?
Could you help me to fix this ?
Thank you,



WL_Resultats.txt (496 Bytes)