PlanarImaging with variable SID

I was having some issues running the QC3 module on the QC-kV1 phantom images. I realized that my kV images were measured at 150 cm SID instead of 140 cm here:

is_at_140cm = np.isclose(region.bbox_area, phantom_size_pix/(1.4**2), rtol=0.07)

I updated the line to 150 cm and it is working. Is there a way to make it work for any SID (from dicom info or an override)? I do normally use the QC3 at 140cm SID for MV images.


I definitely understand the frustration. Ideally, this shouldn’t matter. The problem I had when using this was that the ROIs have to be a certain size to be detected, otherwise it’s considered noise or artifacts. In order to know the ROI size I also had to know the phantom SSD which could be different than the SID. I think the best thing would be to add an SSD parameter to analyze so that this can be handled by the user easily. Will add something.

Landon, would you be able to send me that image w/ the phantom at 150cm to add to the test suite?