Picket Fence Tolerances

I would like to have to know which tolerances you are using for the PF tests on static and for VMAT ??
Does the tolerances are changing depending of your detector ?? I have 2 AS1200 and 1 AS500 and for me like the resolutions are differents , the tolerances between the 2 kind of detectors must not be the same. I don’t if everybody are ok with this ??
and in case of you are not in the tolerance with th PF, how do you fix the problem , what kind of pieces are you changing ???



The tolerance that I am using for Elekta Agility is 0.5 mm. Normally the deviations are around 0.1 or 0.2 mm. Agility and Varian 120 MLC are of similar accuracy.


this instersting paper talk about this issue:

Med Phys. 2011 Mar;38(3):1425-34.