Picket Fence Module

I am trying to incorporate the log file with the EPID image of the picket fence module. Attached is the plot that is printed out. As you can see the alignment is not correct. I do not have HDMLC and the program finds the correct amount of pickets. It just appears that maybe the EPID needs to be shifted. I have tried the sag_adjustment but I receive the following error: ‘ArrayImage’ object has no attribute ‘adjust_for_sag’. This only occurs when both the log file and EPID are called within PicketFence. If I just load the EPID image I am able to utilize sag_adjustment. This is what my code looks like:

from pylinac import PicketFence

pf_img = ‘C:/…/pf.dcm’
pf_log = ‘C:/…/pf_log.bin’

pf = PicketFence(pf_img, log = pf_log)

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


Yeah this feature really needs to be deprecated. It’s been more work than it’s worth. It’s actually pretty complex to convert the images and logs into image sets that are accurate to <1mm.

Thanks James! I won’t include this portion into my picket fence analysis.