Picket Fence for Halcyon

Hi! First of all, what an amazing project is pylinac, thank you for this helpful tool. I’m new in using it but i think it is very interesting.

I’m trying to use the Picket Fence for the Halcyon, but i have some doubts. As it has two MLC (proximal and distal) with its corresponding trail effect, and so on, the Picket Fence function isn’t prepared for this machine, isn`t it?

How can it be characterized so a Picket Fence can be done in the Halcyon? I want to do the Picket Fence for the 4 cardinal angles.

Thank you in advance!

There is another discussion here: Halcyon MLC preset (google.com). I never worked on a Halcyon directly, but running a picket fence on each bank independently seemed like it would be appropriate. I realized now that I never implemented the
leaf configuration of that discussion, so using the Halcyon preset will likely result in an incorrect overlay. I don’t know what a “corresponding trail effect” is. I’ll work on changing the preset MLC configurations.