Picket fence Field width

We are planning to buy radformation as quality control management software for our centre. I would therefore like to formalise with pylinac. I’m trying to implement the picket-fence module. So far I’ve managed to get deviations for each pair of blades (A and B) and for each picket. In France, the legislation imposes the calculation of the field width for each leaf for each picket (via FWHM or inflection) and to compare them with the theoretical value. Is it possible to obtain these values via the pylinac module?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Have a look at the individual leaf analysis section: Picket Fence - pylinac 3.18.0 documentation.

There has been discussion on how this is calculated and I am considering working on an alternative method whereby the pickets are passed in by the user (vs determined automatically).

E.g. something like:

pf = PicketFence(...)
pf.analyze(known_positions=[-50, -25, 0, 25, 50], nominal_gap_mm=10, ...)

The pickets would be set to either 0 or 90 degrees exactly and the passed offsets would be the position of the pickets. Normally, the positions of the pickets are detected automatically. The advantage of automatic detection is that
EPID sag and twist are accounted for.

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Thx very much for your response.