Official v3.0 release

Hello all,

Just wondering if there is any timeline on the official release of v3.0. There are a lot of new features I’d like to fully incorporate, but I’d like to know that I’m working with the final version.


Glad to hear someone is excited about it! :laughing:

I don’t have a set timeline at this point, but I have been working on more features as well as documentation benchmarking the algorithms. A noted criticism of previous releases was my rampant breaking of code and so I’m trying to make the transition a bit easier and clearer, including taking a bit of time before a release.

Totally understand that. Thanks for the reply!

V3.0 is live: pylinac · PyPI

Please report any bugs or issues on github. Thanks!

Congratulations and thanks for all the work! I really appreciate what you are creating here.

Thanks Thomas, really appreciate that. Pylinac isn’t perfect but I try to make it better each release.