Hello all,
I want to first of all apologize for the lack of prompt responses. I realize there is still some work to be done, as is always the case with software, especially those from people like me who are not professional developers and are more error-prone =P

There are some important items that you all should be aware of:

-Pylinac is now included in QATrack+ by default as of the recent 0.3.0 release. Randy Taylor and the other collaborators should be congratulated for the amazing project that this is. Now that it’s included I’m sure more people will find bugs!
-I have changed jobs and I now work for Varian in the QA portfolio as a product manager. This change is complex for the future of pylinac development. Varian now owns Mobius which developed DoseLab, which is very similar in functionality to pylinac. Developing pylinac now carries the possibility that I could (from Varian’s perspective) take inside knowledge and apply it to pylinac, such as knowing which modules to work on, common pain points, etc. This isn’t very likely as I am not directly overseeing DoseLab but it’s close enough to be prudent. Things that were already part of my roadmap are fine as I thought of them before joining Varian. Development beyond that will need to be careful on my end as to steer clear of anything that might look like using inside knowledge. INAL, but I think I can manage that risk if I’m careful.
-Due to the above, I am officially looking for maintainers of pylinac. I’m not going anywhere and I think I may be able to still develop pylinac, esp. for the sake of QAT+ users, but I will need to pass on the torch (or sunset the project) at some point down the road.
-In light of all this, I will be working on a contributors template and guidelines to set up the framework for future development by others.

Thank you all for your support and growing our small community of med phys open sourcers!


Hi James

Thanks for all the hard work you have put into pylinac. It will be a great pity if this project stalls. I think it far more likely that algorithms from pylinac will land up in DoseLab than vice versa.