New project!

Hello all! I know you all notice that pylinac development has slowed down. There are a few reasons for that. The main one is that the job I took after graduation has kept me very busy. And then our little rugrat has kept us busy when I’m not working =). Finally, it’s because of a new project. Just as pylinac developed due to my own desires and needs at the time, this new project has also developed due to my job as a clinical physicist.

Doing plan check after plan check, and being both bored and scared of how much stuff can easily slip through, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I’ve developed a DICOM/plan analyzer that accepts DICOM data from your TPS and then automatically analyzes it for numerous issues (couch, hotspot, missing contour slices, etc). You can also create and apply DVH constraints, and create custom interactive checklist items. It runs as a local server at your clinic. You can read and see more at our website and Youtube channel. This is the first public announcement and I wanted to tell you guys first since you’ve been a great community.

At this time the source code is not open source since we am using this as a business project. However, if the business is found to not depend on the openness of the code, then I’d be happy to release it. At this time the product is also not for sale until we get FDA clearance. However, we are looking for a handful of beta testers. Although not for sale, the product can be used. Once cleared for sale, users would be required to either purchase or return their servers, although we would give discounts to beta testers as they would provide valuable feedback.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to beta test this service. Thank you!

Hey James,

I am a clinical physicist in a University Hospital in Germany and I would like to beta test your service. What are the next steps?

Hey James,

I will ne happy to test you beta version…

let me know
thank you