For a 5-bb phantom (VisionRT):

  1. Do I obtain images for each of the BBs, or do I deliver them as control points with Field-in-Field? In other words, do I have 1 image per gantry/coll/table combination, or 5 images per gantry/coll/table combination.

  2. Is FS = 10x10 okay?

  3. the bb offset directions (left/up,in): are these done when
    a. For left & in: Looking down at the phantom (“Gantry @ 0”)
    b. For up/down: Looking at the side of the phantom (“Gantry @ 90”)

Thank you,

  1. 1 image per gantry/coll/couch combo. You’ll need to generate an image with a field centered around each bb like so the attached. Multi-BB, single field (MPC-like) is not yet supported.
  2. The fields should follow the guidelines here:
  3. The offsets are from the perspective of standing at the foot of the couch, irrespective of gantry angle:

Screenshot 2023-08-30 143804.png

Is it possible to have more circular fields, as in the attached? They’re a lot easier to generate in the TP system.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 172850.png

Yeah, they don’t have to be square.