More questions with planar imaging module in v2.3.2


I made the changes that James suggested here:

but am otherwise using unchanged code. I’m trying to use the QC module to test kV acquisitions of QC-kV1 phantom. In version 2.2.7 I had no issues with this but now it’s not finding the phantom. any ideas?

I’m attaching a sample image here.

RI.zRT9_2020.kV Quality-0.dcm (1.5 MB)

My apologies for the late reply. If you are using 2.5 (should work on other versions too), just change this line from 176 to 160: pylinac/ at release-v2.5.0 · jrkerns/pylinac ( Once I have more images (different kVs, different SSDs) I will add it to the library.