Matplotlib error

Dear all,

I have an issue with pylinac and I am not sure why. I am not an experienced python user so probably it is something I am doing wrong.
I am using the trajectory log analysis feature. My issue is when I use both the log.fluence.expected.plot_map() and log.fluence.actual.plot_map() commands I get an error from matplotlib. I attach an screenshot of it in this post.

It is strange because I dont get the same error when I use the command log.fluence.gamma.plot_map(). Also, I didnt use to get this error in my old computer. It is only now after changing computer and moving to Windows 10 I get this error.

Many thanks and best wishes.


Looks like it’s deep in the bowels of matplotlib. What version are you using? I would try spinning up a new conda environment and try it there. If there are no issues you may have an problem with the matplotlib package in your current env. Keep us updated.

I use miniconda latest version. My matplotlib version is 2.2.0 (latest). I may try installing conda and see what happens.

I am also having the same issue. I have my project in a virtual environment and I use pylinac version 2.0.2 and matplotlib 2.2.2.



Would you or anyone else getting the same issue mind uploading your log privately here:

I’m wondering if there is a trajectory or dynalog version issue. Thanks!