login error

has anyone been able to login and use the software? every time I try to it gives me this message saying " Something Went Wrong. We’re sorry but a server error has occurred. We’ve been notified and will look into it as soon as possible".

I’ve just tried out of curiosity and get the same error. I assume’d we were talking about the web app: http://assuranceqa.herokuapp.com/

Yes Matt, I have tried many times and I still get the same error. Have they changed it to be a paid service? I have used this web app many times before with no problem but I cannot get access to it any more.

The web app is on hiatus at this point. I’ve reached the DB limit for the tier I have been paying for and cannot decide if I should increase it. Now that I work for Varian this presents a conflict of interest if I start charging for the service. I am considering open-sourcing the web app, although I would rather encourage the usage of QATrack+.