kV and MV planar uniformity

Is there a way to give the Planar Imaging module a flood field, and it give a uniformity measure? Or does it calculate it from the phantom image?

I believe uniformity and noise is listed in TG-142, would that ever be possible?

You mean something like MPC does with the MV beam with a simple open field and the central area is analyzed?

Yep. A very simple uniformity check of the imager panel using a full-open field (MPC is such a handy tool…). That covers our new TrueBeam, but I’d like something similar for our Trilogy.

Speaking of TrueBeam, I cannot figure out how to manually collimate kV, does anyone have any ideas?

Indeed, that’s a fair ask. Given my proximity to MPC (I’m the product manager) I have to be very careful here. I have access to internal documents related to the algorithms and thus I have to walk a fine line. Any new algorithm here has to be designable from customer facing documentation and not be the MPC algorithm. The documentation for the beam uniformity and output is pretty clear though, so that’s a plus. I’ve had an idea for a novel flatness & symmetry method for a long while now but not implemented it yet. This might be time.