Jaw data in trajectory logs

Hi all,

I have been using pylinac mainly for tlog analysis. When plotting the fluence or converting the logs to csv there doesn’t appear to be any jaw data? This means it isn’t a very useable fluence plot. There must be data in the log because tlog.axis_data.jaws.y1.plot_actual() gives a result.

Any help will be much appreciated

Many thanks,


Hi Matthew,
Jaw data currently isn’t accounted for. I’m not sure what you mean it isn’t usable. When do you have jaws covering MLCs, save 3D plans?

Non blocked field? Like an edge with 40cm opening. (Never tried it. Not sure the full relevance but that’s an instance). Also on varians if opening is over 30+ you use the Jaws to cover the gap where the leaves can’t meet in the middle