How to get the MTF in ver 2.3.2 SI QC3



We are upgrading our pylinac and running into some growing pains.

I used to just enter:

  1. qc3 = StandardImagingQC3(BIN_FILE.path)
  2. qc3.analyze()
  3. MTF = qc3,_mtf(50)
    Now it’s indicating that qc3 has no attribute _mtf. I see in the release notes that the MTF module was consolidated, but how am I supposed to access the MTF now?


Hey David,
This section of the docs should work for you: Calculate a specific MTF. Behavior is the same across planar phantoms. Let me know if not.

Actually, that is slightly erroneous. The method is relative_resolution not relative_resolution_at. I’ll fix the docs. pylinac/ at master · jrkerns/pylinac (