Getting separate Geometric Lines


If my Geometric Line Average (mm) is 50.02. How can call each 4 Geometric Lines from my code, instead of Geometric Line Average. Because in my clinical QA, I compare whether each geometric line is within ± 2mm of 50mm.

So here’s the way i tried.

Geometric Line Average (mm): 50.02

Geometric Line array : [50.0103181344705, 49.93510052789566, 50.024458572130875, 50.10323683737221]

So that i can get the 4 separate Geometric Lines

What i‘m wondering is is there any way I can call these 4 separate Geometric Lines without modifying the module?

The way I did it was


There is top/bottom horizontal and left/right vertical (just pattern match the above).

Not sure if that is the “right” way, but it worked for what I was doing. I’m also using a much older version of pylinac (3.2.0), so not sure about the newer versions.


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