Gamma criteria for Machine logs analysys

Dear users:
I am using the Machine Logs analyzer available in Pylinac GUI 2.2.6. I would like to know the gamma criteria (% dose, DTA and threshold) used by default for this application, that are not displayed on the PDF report generated after run this application for Dynalog files (I send a example). Also, the gamma analysis is a local or global analysis?
Thank you evry much for your support.

A20190329072535_QA LEAF CHECK (3).pdf (94.4 KB)

Hi Juan,
The default gamma is 1%/1mm. I will add a feature request to show the analysis criteria on the PDF, that’s a good idea.

The gamma method used by pylinac is based on the work of Bakai et al, which is much quicker than the Low equation. The method is not stated explicitly but I understand it to be local gamma (see, e.g., Figure 3 and its caption)