First steps in Pylinac with MLC checks

Dear Pylinac community,

Hi everyone. My name is Miguel Martinez, a radiotherapy physicist at Hospital Santa Lucia, and completely new to pylinac. In fact, I am trying to implement a quantitative check of the MLC Picket Fence QA test by analizing PD images in a quantitative way.I would like to ask you any kind of help/guidelines to initialize in this language/ platform , such as requisites, specific software and experiences.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Hi Miguel,

have you read the pylinac documentation yet? It helps getting you started quite a lot:
There is a part especially for beginners too:

When starting with a new language I like to read the w3schools guides because they are short. Here you can find the one for python:
I also enjoyed

If you need in depth information there is the official python documentation:

Regarding the python environment, I went for WinPython, after I got annoyed from anaconda.

have fun.