Default HU values

Default values for HU and positions in CathPhan504 are set to:

‘Air’: {‘value’: -1000, ‘angle’: -90},

‘PMP’: {‘value’: -200, ‘angle’: -120},

‘LDPE’: {‘value’: -100, ‘angle’: 180},

‘Poly’: {‘value’: -35, ‘angle’: 120},

‘Acrylic’: {‘value’: 120, ‘angle’: 60},

‘Delrin’: {‘value’: 340, ‘angle’: 0},

‘Teflon’: {‘value’: 990, ‘angle’: -60},

Any ideas on how to change the default HU values?


I had originally meant for the ct module to be “pluggable” with your own subclasses of catphan modules so you could do something like

class CTP486(CTPModule): hu = { 'Air': 990 }

where you pass in the subclasses to the cbct constructor. Unfortunately, I didn’t get there. The quickest hack is to change the source code. I will add the ability to pass custom classes in the next major version. Thanks for the reminder!