CBCT analysis

Dear All,
Since I am new to the python and pylinac i cant solve this error
I am getting Overflow error as shown below for some images during Catphan analysis
Could anybody help in sorting this error or why this error occurs

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "C:\Program Files\Python36-32\lib\tkinter\__init__.py", line 1702, in __call__
return self.func(*args)
 File "c:\python\venv\lib\site-packages\pylinac\py_gui.py", line 196, in analyze_cbct
 cat = getattr(ct, self.ct_catphantype.get())(self.ct_file.get())
File "c:\python\venv\lib\site-packages\pylinac\ct.py", line 72, in __init__
self.dicom_stack = image.DicomImageStack(folderpath)
File "c:\python\venv\lib\site-packages\pylinac\core\image.py", line 894, in __init__
if self.is_CT_slice(path):
File "c:\python\venv\lib\site-packages\pylinac\core\image.py", line 926, in is_CT_slice
ds = dicom.read_file(file, force=True, stop_before_pixels=True)
File "c:\python\venv\lib\site-packages\dicom\filereader.py", line 614, in read_file
File "c:\python\venv\lib\site-packages\dicom\filereader.py", line 553, in read_partial
stop_when=stop_when, defer_size=defer_size)
File "c:\python\venv\lib\site-packages\dicom\filereader.py", line 305, in read_dataset
raw_data_element = next(de_gen)
File "c:\python\venv\lib\site-packages\dicom\filereader.py", line 219, in data_element_generator
value = fp_read(length)
OverflowError: cannot fit 'int' into an index-sized integer

Hi Prabakar,
This looks like an issue with your DICOM images, as the fault is coming from pydicom. I would ask over in their forum. You can also try loading the image yourself in a small script. I.e. do


and see if any errors pop up. if no errors come out then we can dig further.

Thanks James,
Sorry for the issue, The issue is with the corrupted Dicom folder Thanks for replying