Catphan Quart (Halcyon)

Hi All,

I don’t think there is a “Quart” phantom / catphan analysis. This is the phantom Varian provides for the Halcyon.

I’m going to try modifying the source code to have similar catphan features analyzed. Starting with the class features i.e. import CatPhan503.
If anyone has tips / things to look out for - please let me know. Thanks.

Pylinac doesn’t yet support the quart phantom, but I’d like. I don’t have images of it yet; if people are willing to donate images I would be happy to work on it.
I have a new image submission form here (it requires you to sign into your google account):


I will be on PMI the last week on a halcyon, I will try to do the set of images that you want.


I have send the Quart CBCT for two modalities head and Pelvis. I don’t know why but I found the CBCT quality is not very satisfy.