CATPHAN analysis position HU values

How do I find the ROI positions for determining the HU values ​​in the CBCT analysis?

The ROI midpoint would be enough for me. I can see the radius under cbct.ctp404.roi_radius_mm. Are they saved under cbct.ctp404.rois?

Many Thanks.

Sincerely, Lukas

Hi Lukas,
I assume you mean the x/y position of the ROI circle? If so, you are right; it’s under the ctp404.rois attr. Each ROI is an instance of an HUDiskROI, where you can get other attrs as well. As an example, you can print out the centers via the following. I’m using v2.5 here:

myct = …
for name, roi in myct.ctp404.rois.items():
print(name, "Center: ",

Let me know if this isn’t what you were asking for. Thanks.


yes that’s it.

Thank you very much…