Catphan access uniformity ROI values

Dear all
I’m using pylinac v 3.0 with catphan module

I’m trying to collect ROIs values for uniformity calculation.

I can see in the documentation that with attributes from ROIResult class I could be able to do so.

Unfortunately I can’t access it. It seems that mycbct.results_data().roi or something else is not accessible.
Effectively when I print result_data() there is nothing related to any uniformity ROI (to access “Top” ROI value for example).

Am I missing something ? is this an issue of v3.0?



I apparently didn’t add it until recently: pylinac/ at release-v3.2 · jrkerns/pylinac · GitHub. My apologies. Adding that one line in your source code would give you that roi data. I will add it to the 3.2 release notes!