Catphan 504 saving subimage


I’m trying to save a subimage for the hu linearity. However i can save the hu delta linearity graph, but i can not save the actual values graph.

mycbct.save_analyzed_subimage(‘Hu Linearity_Graph_Actual_HU.png’, subimage=‘lin’) woks

mycbct.plot_analyzed_subimage(subimage=‘lin’,plot_delta= False,) gives me the actual hu values plot.

mycbct.save_analyzed_subimage(‘Hu Linearity_Graph_Actual_HU.png’,subimage=‘lin’,delta= False,) gives me an error "TypeError: got an unexpected keyword argument ‘delta’

Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?


Yup, that’s a bug. I’ll have a fix out in the next version. Thanks