Catphan 504 problem

I am currently facing this problem, and have been tossing for several days because of it.

The problem is when i use Halcyon datasets, it works. **(**see in Halcyon.ipynb)
But when I use the same code and change the file name to Edge datasets, it gets stuck. (see in Edge.ipynb)

It would really helpful if someone can help me :slight_smile:

here’s where it gets stuck

here’s Link

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 12.03.11 AM.png

This generally means the phantom was not properly found in the dataset. The upcoming version of pylinac will give a more specific error. Based on your images it appears like you should move your catphan along the z-axis to get a better scan that includes all the modules. See CatPhan - pylinac 3.13.0 documentation

Thank u so much. i’ll try to rescan it!!!