About the Bugs category

Post your bug here (or what you think might be a bug).

How to submit a bug report

  • Provide the pylinac version you’re using.
    You can do this by running print(pylinac.__version__)
  • Post your code snippet. You can do this here or create a gist if that’s easier.
  • Post the image dataset. File size limits apply here on discourse. If it’s a large dataset you are encouraged to create a public link from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can also submit the images using this Google Form.
  • Include any relevant information about what you would like the software to do or what you expected it to do (e.g. “As you can see, it should have detected the field in the center…”)

Here vs Github

So, should you post here or on Github if you want to report a bug?
Technically, either works. However, pylinac’s canonical codebase is in Bitbucket. Github is just a mirror.

At Radformation we use Bitbucket and JIRA to complete tickets. Thus, whether here or on Github, we’ll eventually just make a ticket in JIRA and complete it that way. By posting here, this keeps all discussion in one place vs here + the Github repo.

Finally, not everyone has a Github account, which is required to submit a bug ticket there.